At Eric Ewing Golf, it’s all about making golf fun and friendly.  We work with the team to provide a golfing experience that is right for anyone regardless of your knowledge of golf, or skill level.

Eric Ewing’s Mission:

My goal for the Beginning Golfer is to make the game enjoyable and to instruct you on the basic fundamentals that will get you started on the right track. The majority of the time we spend together will be on the practice areas and I will also get you out on the golf course for some “hands on” activity.  Along with the basic swing fundamentals, we will go over golf etiquette and basic rules so you are able to play with friends and family and feel comfortable on the golf course.  After all, this is supposed to be a “fun” game! :)

As for the Intermediate and Returning Golfer, we will be re-checking the basic fundamentals, checking your current swing, ball flight and addressing any particular issues you may have out on the golf course.  You may be interested in an on course lesson or lessons instead of working strictly on the driving range and we can do that.  It is my pleasure to help in any way that assists you!

Finally, the Advanced Golfer. The advanced golfer is my student that is looking to knock strokes off their rounds in order to lower their handicap or get “Tournament Ready.”  To accomplish your goals we will dedicate our time to the more intimate parts of your game by doing practice area drills, course management and video lessons (if desired).  These lessons will be a little bit more involved and will require more practice time and dedication!

To sum this up, every golfer is unique in his or her own way and every individual has different abilities and skill levels. I can work with any and all golfers to improve their game.  As we partner through this I hope to have you playing the game with the most amount of enjoyment and success possible!

Although there are times we lose sight of it, “Golf is just a game.”  :)