Basic Training


Led by Eric ‘Rocky’ Ewing, golf clinics help get players back in the game.

Rocky Ewing Director of Golf Instruction Arrowood GolfSince taking over as director of instruction late last year, longtime Southern California teaching professional Eric “Rocky” Ewing, has aggressively stepped up instructional programs. In December, Ewing began a beginning golf clinic for people ages 17 and over. Designed for those “who have never played or are picking up the game after not playing for a while,” Ewing said. The clinics are held every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. While each clinic focuses on something different, five things every golfer will learn are the fundamentals: posture, grip, alignment, stance, and ball position. “Obviously if someone has never played the game, they need to learn the fundamentals,” Ewing said. “But even intermediate golfers who haven’t played in a while may need a refresher course.”  There are 10 to 20 players in each clinic and they are then split into smaller groups taught by Ewing and four teaching associates. Each clinic is focused on either putting and chipping, short and mid-irons, or long irons and metal-woods. The clinic costs $59 per person, or $99 for a couple. That price includes three lessons, five range tokens and two rounds of golf after 4 p.m. There is no expiration on the lessons, so golfers do not have to take them in consecutive weeks. “I think it’s the best deal out there,” Ewing said. “The two rounds of golf make up the cost alone, and the five driving range tokens cost $20 and individual lessons are $60, so it’s a terrific value.” Since offering the clinics in December,Ewing said 500 people have participated. The clinics are designed to introduce, or re-introduce, people to the game, but also “to introduce them to the course,” Ewing said. “Some have never been here before and we want them to know this is a friendly environment and how much has to offer.”